Armed Robbery Attorney - Why You Need One

Armed Robbery Attorney

If you're accused of committing an armed robbery in New York City, an experienced robbery attorney will help you build a strong defense. Even if you didn't use a weapon, restitution is due to the victim and may include fines and out-of-pocket expenses. An attorney with experience in this area can help you get a lesser sentence, or have the charges dismissed altogether.

An armed robbery charge is a serious felony, and a convicted thief could face up to 30 years in state prison. The exact length of your sentence will depend on your criminal history, the value of the property you stole, and whether or not you injured the victim. Many factors determine your sentence, so hiring an attorney to defend you is essential. If you have been charged with an armed robbery, it is important to get a lawyer as soon as possible.

Once you've been arrested for an armed robbery, it's crucial to retain an armed robbery attorney. An experienced New York criminal defense attorney will work tirelessly to ensure that your case is resolved as favorably as possible. A conviction means you'll be prohibited from serving on a jury, or from owning a gun. Additionally, it can make it difficult to find a job. Most employers will conduct a background check on prospective employees, and an alleged thief will have a difficult time finding employment.

The consequences of an armed robbery conviction can have lasting ramifications on the victim's life. In New York, a felony conviction for first-degree robbery can affect the ability to obtain employment, rent an apartment, and even get a loan. Not only will the rape affect the victim's finances, but it can even lead to deportation if you're a non-US citizen.

An armed robbery attorney will fight for your rights. The law requires that a person serving an ARM sentence must serve at least 85% of their sentence before they can be released. A lawyer who specializes in the armed robbery will be able to argue against the charges and obtain a reduced sentence. The prosecutor will want to see that you are not guilty. Therefore, you must hire a qualified armed robbery attorney who can argue for your innocence.

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An armed robbery attorney can help you build a strong defense. If you've been accused of robbery in New York, an experienced lawyer will fight to protect your rights. An armed robbery defense lawyer will not only help you build a strong defense, but he will also help you reduce the charges to a lower category. The government will have no choice but to prosecute a defendant for armed homicide in New York if they fail to prove their innocence.

While you're facing an armed robbery charge, you should not be intimidated. Your attorney will be able to present the strongest defense for you. Moreover, he or she will be able to challenge the prosecution's case against you. During a trial, you'll have the opportunity to meet with your armed robbery attorney and discuss your case with him. A specialized armed robbery defense lawyer can help you fight the charges in court and get the best possible outcome.

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An armed robbery defense attorney will be able to present the best possible defense. For example, the defense attorney can present a defense strategy based on the premise that the defendant is a mistaken identity. This defense is important because the prosecution will not be able to prove its case without any evidence. As long as the victim is not a threat, he or she can still use video surveillance to their advantage.

Your armed robbery attorney can also look at the facts of your case. If you have been accused of this crime, an armed robbery attorney will be able to examine the circumstances and facts of the case. An armed robbery defense can raise doubts about the witnesses and the manner of the arrest. If you've been arrested for armed robbery, an armament robbery defense will work to protect your civil and constitutional rights.