Chrome Extensions

                               5  Chrome Extensions you must have 

If you are working online or you want to work online. 5 chrome extensions you must install in your chrome. 


      The first chrome extension is INSSIST; it's one of the best chrome extensions to manage Instagram. On this site, you can manage your Instagram accounts. It lets you posting, managing, scheduling and hashtags all from your desktop from this fantastic free INSSIST chrome extension. 


      The second extension is Grammarly. It helps you a lot if you write emails, writes the thesis, writes letters, writing blogs and articles, or write anything online. You can start totally for free just add the Grammarly plugin extension in your chrome.


     The third and small application but very powerful that will turn your Gmail account into an email marketing application. It's a perfect application for call marketers. It's full email automation. It's also totally free just need to add the Gmass extension on the chrome browser. 


     Colorzilla is one of the most unique chrome extensions. In Colorzilla, you can pick any color you want to pic from websites, just click on pick a color and move your cursor on the desired page. It's excellent and helpful if you design your websites and color, but you don't know color code by  Colorzilla extension. You can simply pick desired colors. 

5-What font.

     If you are surfing a website and you want to know the font used. You can simply add What font extension on chrome, and it will tell the font family, the size of the font, weight everything about the font used in any website or any page online.