Top 6+ Super Secret Apps 2021

6+ Super Secret Apps

Our world is changing rapidly, and it's essential to keep up with the latest trends. This article will go over super-secret android apps you need to know about for 2021, which you might not know about but are guaranteed to be worth checking out!

List of 6+ best secret apps 2021

The following list of the Top 6+ super-secret apps for 2021 will keep your life accessible. These super-secretive, hidden gems are guaranteed to make you smile with their clever tricks.

Secret Notes

This secret app allows users to securely store their notes on a virtual drive protected with AES 256 bit encryption and hidden from snoopers. The best part about this app (Secret Notes) is that nobody can access anything without knowing your password, not even hackers and government agencies using advanced technology like quantum computers. With this super-secret application, you can rest assured that your notes are secure and private. 

Type Keeper

The second app is Type Keeper. This handy little application will store any text messages, emails, or documents you have written on your phone, and then this app automatically backs up all of it. In this app, you don't have to do anything; give access to the app once through their website (or even better: download an App) and everything else they take care of themself while saving your time.


PersonalDNSfilter is another secret app that blocks all the annoying ads appearing on different apps on your mobile phone. With this app (Personal DNS Filters), you can enjoy your favorite shows, games, books, etc., without being be bothered by commercials. 

6+ Super Secret Apps

Volume Style.

The fourth app on the list is Volume Style. You must have a built-in custom volume panel in your mobile phone, but if you want stylish themes that will make it stand out from other devices, then this one has what you need. This app contains various free and paid volume panel themes that look amazing. Volume Style has many cool volume panel themes that you must try out.

Telegram Messaging App.

This secret app is a super safe way to communicate with friends without worrying about government surveillance and hackers spying on you. Telegram provides a high level of security to its clients. Also, in only Telegram, you will get the option of Secret chats. There is the only option of adding 257 members to the Whatsapp group, but in Telegram, you can add up to 200,000 members.

Norton App-Lock

Norton App-Lock is a super-secret app that allows you to lock any apps on your device, so nobody else can access them. This application is excellent because it is secure and straightforward to use. For setting up a lock, open the app, give permission to an app, and set a password, and the app is ready to lock other applications. Make sure you must add an email for backup.

Wheel Launcher Lite

Wheel Launcher Lite is an excellent super app that has a beautiful and straightforward yellow color interface. Using this app lets you set up your favorite apps on the app panel that appears on the Home screen, so it's easier to find apps when in need. 

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The world is changing rapidly, and it keeps up with the latest trends. Here are the top super-secret apps that will help you get more productivity, security, and entertainment on your phone.

  • Secret Notes
  • Type Keeper
  • PersonalDNSfilter
  • Volume style
  • Telegram Messaging App
  • Norton App-Lock
  • Wheel Launcher Lite

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Let us know if we missed any crucial excellent android app or not so cool one because this blog post would always need updating to suit our readers' needs.