Grammarly vs Turnitin: Which One Should You Choose?

Grammarly vs Turnitin Which One Should You Choose

Grammarly and Turnitin are two different programs that can help you to improve your writings. But confused, Grammarly vs Turnitin, which one should you choose? In this article, we will compare Grammarly and Turnitin to determine which one is best for you. It's no secret that students have to do a lot for writing. They are constantly under pressure to produce high-quality work, from essays to research papers, thesis, assignments, projects and reports. Pricing with these two companies depends on what you need from them. If you want your work to be perfect before handing it in, then you should use at least one service among them. But what happens when your work contains grammatical errors, Plagiarism? How do you know about it? Which tool should you go to for help with Grammar mistakes and Plagiarism? Should you use Grammarly or Turnitin?


Grammarly is an online grammar checker. This tool is used on any device with internet access, whether at home or in the office. Not only that, Grammarly checks for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, but it also detects Plagiarism. If you copy text from somewhere else into your document, then Grammarly will pick up on this. The program works by comparing what you have written to billions of web pages and over eight million published books. So even though it's a simple writing tool, its advanced features make sure there are no embarrassing mistakes in your work when submitting essays or reports to university courses.

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Turnitin is an online tool for checking Plagiarism. You can use it in your browser, or you can download the software to install locally on your device (such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone). A lot of different organizations, including schools, universities, and businesses, are using Turnitin. It works by analyzing your writing to check for Plagiarism (copying text from other sources) and contains grammar and spelling. 

Pricing between Grammarly and Turnitin. 

Both companies have their pricing structure for different needs of customers based on their grammar checking tools, services offered etc. Pricing between Grammarly and Turnitin, these two companies is very similar. Grammarly price for an individual is 30$ per month, 60$ quarterly and 144$ annually. Grammarly also offers a Grammarly Business account up to 149 users. The cost of Grammarly Business for 149+ users is 20,860$ per year (11.67$ per member/month).

Turnitin's pricing structure is different from Grammarly because Turnitin doesn't directly give individual licences to users. If you need a Turnitin subscription, you have to ask your organization, school, college or university to provide you Turnitin subscription. From the Turnitin Instructor account, you can generate the student's Ids. If you want to buy Turnitin Student or Instructor, you can purchase many people selling it on the internet.

Is Grammarly and Turnitin safe

Are Grammarly and Turnitin safe? Yes, both these companies are reputable, do not have the negative reputation that will harm your computer or phone in any way, nor do they store your files on their Platform.

When it comes to catching Plagiarism in Grammarly vs Turnitin, there is no comparison. Turnitin goes deeper than Grammarly and can easily capture any copy work from their powerfull software. The difference between these two programs' is the accuracy for capturing plagiarized work. It's safe, secure and easy for instructors to use with many features that Grammarly lacks, like comparing texts from different sources or databases, which extend far beyond it. Because of safety and ease of use, educators highly trust Turnitin compared to other alternatives in the market. Turnitin is far ahead in detecting Plagiarism from others.

Grammarly gives an extra feature that identifies spelling and grammatical errors and removes them from the text. Turnitin doesn't have an advanced editing tool like Grammarly. Turnitin only has a feature that detects Plagiarism. The online version of Grammarly can be easily accessed on any device with the internet, while for Turnitin, you need to download software to install Turnitin locally on all devices.


Grammarly and Turnitin are both reputable companies that provide editing services for students. In this article, we talk about Grammarly vs Turnitin, but which one should you buy? Grammarly is a better option if you want your work free from grammar or spelling errors and point out students' errors without commenting on them. But suppose you only need a Plagiarism checker. In that case, Turnitin works better than Grammarly since they are designed especially for Plagiarism checking purposes. Working with education organizations foremost to ensure the quality work from their students and to know what was wrong in their work.

Suppose you are worried about copying someone else's ideas or work without giving them credit. Turnitin service should help you provide peace of mind when submitting essays, assignments, presentations or reports in university courses without getting worried about Plagiarism remover. Turnitin is more preferred than Grammarly because of its plagiarism detection and ease of use.