Earn money online 2021 by typing captcha  100% legit method.

Earn money online 2021 by typing captcha  100% legit method.

There are various methods of earning online; some are hard and require a lot of time and energy. But there are also some most straightforward ways to earn online. These methods will not make you rich, but they will help you understand online working, and they will also motivate you to work online and move to significant earnings. 

From this method, you can easily earn 1$ daily from home by solving a captcha if you don't know what captcha is?. Tell me what captchas are; captcha is a test that distinguishes and says to the system that a visitor is a human or computer machine. For humans typing, a captcha is very easy, but it's tough to solve the captcha for robots and computer machines.


Registration on 2captcha

The first step is you have to register on-site call 2captch. Other websites give the same service as 2captcha gives. The reason is that 2captcha is more credible, user-friendly; it has better benefits than other websites. Also, the most crucial advantage of 2captcha is that its minimum withdrawal amount starts from 0.5$ only.

Registration on 2captcha

After registration, you need to check your email and click on the confirmation link, and your account is ready to work, then log in to your account.

STEP 3: 

After registration

After registration, log in to your account. After login, you will see an interface like this.

After registration

Then click on I am a worker and select next, and your account is ready to use. 

Step 4:

How to do work

Now on the website, there are three ways to do work and earn money, First is by solving the standard captcha, the second is by solving Recaptcha, and the third is the referral method, whenever someone joins by using your referral link, you will earn a commission of amount which they will withdraw. To start doing work, click on start work. This will appear in front of you. 

How to do work

Before starting work, you need to pass the basic training test first. The training test will have 45 captchas, including standard captcha and Recaptcha both. Here are the answers to the training questions. After doing this training, your earning will start automatically whenever you type a captcha. The rate of earning is 0.5$ per 1000 captchas you solved. 

And you can quickly solve more than this daily; it will require only a few seconds to solve a captcha. The rate of solving Recaptcha is more than the standard captcha. Now there are various ways of solving the captcha; you can solve it on their websites and do it both on mobile and computer. 2captcha also has their mobile application available in the play store; you can download it and start working on it. They also have a google chrome extension; you can plugin it also. 

They also have a telegram bot available by joining their telegram bot; you can type captchas directly on the telegram. No matter where you work, either you do it in mobile, desktop, or telegram bot, your balance will update automatically with the captchas you filled. 



The minimum withdraw is 0.5$ only. Withdraw options include bitcoin, adv cash, payeer, perfect money, WebMoney, uphold, bitcoin cash, and air. The withdrawn amount of bitcoin is 30$, airtm is 1$, and bitcoin cash is 0.24$ rest others are only 0.5$ amount only. There is an instant removal service so you can get money within few hours. So join the site and start your earning online. Answers to training questions are here; click on Get answers

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